Natural Rabbit Freeze Dried Treats

SO Bright natural freeze dried treats are made in Wisconsin using only the finest ingredients.  A grain free alternative these single source protein treats are an exceptional way to reward your pet.  Our rabbit is ground and formed into the perfect bite size pieces  which are freeze dried to maintain all the essential nutrients.  This makes for a highly palatable treat that is easy to feed your dog!


As with all SO Bright products they have been created by our family owned and operated business since 1990.  All of our treats are created in small batches and tested to ensure food safety.  Creating everything start to finish guarantees you a product which you can not only trust, but one your dog will love!


Manufactured in the USA


  • 1.2   ounce  34.02 grams
  • 2 Ingredients, Rabbit sourced in France is freeze dried into a convenient treat.
  • No added artificial preservatives, flavors, or colors.
  • A healthy choice your dog will love.


  • Rabbit, Sea Salt (less than 1%)
  • (Protein 48%, Fiber 4%, Fat 30%, Moisture 6.5%)
  • Calorie Content ME(Calculated) kcal/kg 4700