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Our small Wisconsin based family business has had a long love affair with pets so we understand the special place they hold in your heart- that’s why in 1990, our family became dedicated to helping our pets and yours enjoy treats that are ‘SO’ healthy and great tasting.



For over two decades we have been carefully selecting only the best certified all natural, fresh and wholesome ingredients from local farmers located right here in the US. Utilizing these ingredients, we oven bake, freeze dry or prepare our treats to naturally capture the pure meat protein, vegetable and fruit tastes that all dogs need and love. As a result of these special preparation processes, our treats retain essential nutrients and contain no artificial preservatives, colors or flavors.


All of our treats are prepared in our hometown facility so we can promise that each SO Bright product has been carefully crafted to meet our strict food safety specifications ensuring that your dog is eating only the best tasting and healthiest dog treats available.

Our family’s guarantee to you

We believe ‘SO’ strongly in the quality and safety of our SO Bright treats that there isn’t any product we produce that our family hasn’t personally approved.


When it comes to healthier, better tasting dog treats…Just say ‘SO’

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Ever since the beginning SO Bright has been focused on USA Made.


  • We source as many ingredients in the USA as we can
  • Our product is manufactured in the USA, right here in Wisconsin
  • Even our packaging is made in the USA, which is a rarity in our industry!