Food Safety

Food Safety is something we value here at SO Bright which is why we manufacture everything in our own facility from start to finish.  This ensures you a far superior product made only to the highest standard.  All our products are formulated in house and are tested to meet our guaranteed analysis which includes protein, fat, fiber, moisture and caloric content.  Products are also tested on a daily basis to make sure they meet both our moisture and water activity tests.  This ensures out products maintain a stable shelf life and a high palatability rate.  We also pull random samples from products daily which are tested for salmonella and other pathogens to ensure our product is safe.
SO Bright Plant
We use only fresh, wholesome ingredients
All the fresh wholesome Ingredients used in our products are sourced from only reputable facilities that are preapproved suppliers.  All of these ingredients are sourced in the USA , which we will continue to support.  All of our meats are fresh frozen and ground in our plant before being used.  One of the unique aspects of our facility is that we are a beef dedicated plant.  This means that all of our beef liver and our bison come from USDA inspected plants and we have gone through the certification process to be able to ship these products into Canada.  The whole grains we use are tested and approved before they make their way into our product and are GMO free.  We have our own in house milling and mixing program for grains so that everything is ground and mixed to our spec.
Besides our own Internal Audits  and quality control programs we are also randomly inspected by the FDA and USDA and Wisconsin Department of Agriculture during the year.  We are Subject to these regulatory agencies guidelines and laws.
Lab Testing
SO Bright Die Roll
Each year we also bring in a third party auditor to check over our food safety programs, overall plant operations, sanitation, plant layout, maintenance and our HACCP Plan.  A HACCP plan stands for hazard analysis and critical control points.  What this ensures is that we identify problems before they exist and take care of them before they become an issue.
Every day we are looking for new and innovative ways to improve our food safety program to ensure your pets safety.  Stay tuned for future updates!
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